Pain at top of stomach??? ltlmama1117 2 kids; Arkansas 650 posts
Oct 23rd '07
There is this sharp pain at the top of my stomach that comes and goes. Is this normal....I went to the doctor this morning and the doctor said the heartbeat was really fast...he said it seemed like the baby was stirred up and asked if I had had any caffiene. I hadn't and said for me to keep an eye on the baby's movements to make sure the baby kept moving because her heartbeat was so high. What is this pain at the top of my stomach? I forgot to ask him...should I be worried?
amybabyxox 1 child; New Jersey 470 posts
Oct 29th '07

I just had this, this morning! Ugh!

honey2007 Massachusetts 1 posts
Nov 4th '07

had same pain since trimester docs say it normal enough 2 moths pregnant i was beat up by two local officers for no reason

*~Terra~* 65 kids; Montgomery, Pennsylvania 32918 posts
Nov 4th '07

For those of you with this pain, it also could be your gall bladder. :) Best thing to do is ask your doc.

April Watan Due January 5 (boy); 1 child; Oklahoma 2 posts
Sep 29th '11

i have this god aweful pain (not heartburn) under my chest plate in the top of my stomach. it feels like im pulling a nerve or like something is tearing. when i pick up things like a book , reach to get something or bend over...iam a high risk pregnacy n take progesterone shots once a week till im 36wks!i called the nurse yesterday and she said that i could have tore something but didnt know so to take some tylanol, put a heat pad on it and lay down (which by the way about killed me! it hurt worse!). she said if it didnt go away then go to the er. here it is 24 hour later n i still feel the same...but i dont know if i should worry or see if it goes away........

Tammy H 1 child; Belton, Texas 110 posts
Mar 11th '12

Ive had that pain from the very beginning. I am very small framed and my dr told me that its the muscle under ur chest stretching.The dr said Since I am a small framed girl I am gonna feel everything and I sure do.. My baby is due June 22nd but I am high risk and right now the baby is VERY LOW and pressing on my cervix. So I have to get checked now every 1-2 weeks...

Jenn Smulders Due January 2 (girl); Hamilton, 1 posts
Nov 27th '12

I am just about 35 weeks and have had this pain I am also worried about pre-eclampsia but i have had high protein in my urine the last month or more and thought I was the only one having they are making me extremely nervous and am going to make an appointment to see my ob right away because it gets so bad sometimes i can't move....I was wondering if anyone else has had the other problems that go along with pre-eclampisa and the tight top of stomach