Haunted Houses while pregnant ♡ Lauren ♡ 2 kids; Gainesville, Florida 7705 posts
Oct 22nd '07
Halloween is right around the corner and I was wondering if it is safe for me to go through haunted houses. All the different emotions; being scared, anxious, screaming etc.. is this safe for the baby?
Shantel Berg Massachusetts 2 posts
Oct 4th '11

I had a 19 wk sonogram last week and I asked the doc about haunted houses. He said they should be fine. Blood pressure and adrenalin don't get raised for long enough periods of time to make those things a problem. Also, the actors are not allowed to touch anyone walking through. I am going but I will be standing in back of my hubby holding his hand to make sure I don't trip or anything like that. I will make sure to have friends behind me too.

Amber Ignasiak Japan 1 posts
Sep 28th '12

I am 14 weeks pregnant and my ob gave me the ok to go to haunted houses if its something i enjoy....they dont see an issue with it as long asnthere isnt any tripping if you are having a healthy pregnancy have at it!<3<3

Zayne's Mommy 2 kids; Waipahu, Hawaii 98 posts
Sep 28th '12

Lucky ladies. In Hawaii most haunted houses won't let in pregnant women. So I'm pooped out for Halloween this year.