Can I delete a topic I post? D E L E T E D !! TTC since Oct 2014; 1 child; Louisville/Jefferson County, KY, United States 8 posts
Jul 2nd '10

New to Baby Gaga and I don't know how to work anything. Once I post a topic, can I delete it? If yes, how?

♥K + G Due August 27 (boy); 1 child; d***o, 33084 posts
Jul 2nd '10

No, you can just edit and erase what you wrote, but everyone elses replies are still there.

Dylans mama 1 child; St Paul, MN, United States 3738 posts
Jul 2nd '10
Quoting Kristina Marie ♥:
Titia Due July 29; 3 kids; Kansas 6267 posts
Jul 2nd '10 can go back in and edit your post and remove it like that, but the rest of the thread remains.

Jaidens Mommy :) 1 child; Springfield, Ohio 150 posts
Aug 29th '12

how do i post a topic?