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Oct 21st '07
Hello there . .just a few questions for those of you who have been there;

I am 36 weeks and 5 days along. I went into the hospital at about 8:00 this morning because my son has not been very active for the last 48 hours. They hooked me up to the fetal montior and found his heart beat right away, which was a huge concern let go, let me tell you! :) So after settling in the nurse leaves and comes back about 15 minutes later and in passing, just glances at the other squiggly lines that are coming out on the paper, because she asked if I thought I was in labor and told her no, I'm assuming she wasn't looking for contractions, but as I was saying, she looked at it and said very matter of factly, 'You are just contracting away'. I was like, excuse me?! Come to find out, I was having contractions just about every minute. The RN came by and watched them for a moment and asked if I was feeling them, I told her no, but for the past few days I have been having a lot of lower back pain. So, she checked me and found that I was 3cm. Obviously, she placed a call to the doc, who had about three other paintents in the L&D wing as well. When he came in, he looked at the sheet and was quite alarmed at the regularity of the contractions and again asked me about 10 times if I was really not feeling them. Told him the same thing I told the nurse, just back pain. Because I am 3cm, he was really on the fence about admitting me or letting me go home. He obviously allowed me to go home, but gave me a shot of something I don't remember the name of to 'settle down my uterus' and hopefully get me through till my appointment on thursday. But the baby was the main concern and he is very happy with his heart beat, and the rate of acceleration and deceleration. So, here I sit. . .

I was told that some light bleeding might occur because of the exams, but I am now pretty sure that I have lost my mucous plug, or atleast part of it. After using the restroom I looked and say a blob looking stringy thing that was tinged with blood. On top of that, I am still not totally okay with how the baby is moving, and I believe I am still contracting just by the way my stomach hardens and softens. The nurse said the shot may or maynot completely work, but they give it in hopes that it will. She was very informative and helped put me at ease before I left.

My questions are really, should I go back to the hospital? Or could it just be me worry about the baby and his movements? Now that I am pretty sure that it was my mucous plug that I lost, should I be concerned about 'real' labor starting sometime soon? Or should I just wait and see?

This is my first baby, and today was the first time I had ever went into the hospital for anything other than preregistering and a tour of the place. .
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Sep 4th '12

I'm 36 weeks and two days and I'm in the same boat. lol Everything!!!! except for the contractions a minute apart. mine were 3 to six.