When does the baby first hear our voice?? nmandwjj Due October 23; 1 child; Arizona 25 posts
Jan 15th '07
I was wonder when my baby is going to hear my voice, if you know the answer I am dying to know....Thanks...
emc691 Pennsylvania 1 posts
Aug 14th '08

"A study in Ireland, using ultrasound observation and measured pulses of sound revealed that babies with normal hearing start moving in reaction to sound around 16 weeks gestational age. This was earlier than previous estimates and occurs about two months before completion of the ear, suggesting that there is more to hearing than the ear alone. Babies seem especially interested in parental voices and begin learning the mother's native language (the mother tongue) while in the womb." From
Although I'm only 13 weeks along, I've started talking to the baby already.

wisesister Michigan 1 posts
Feb 1st '10

its actually 15 to 16 weeks they can hear, actually just asked the doctor, but i know they can still feel the vibrations before hand.

korbinsmom3 Due September 6 (girl); Garrett, Indiana 7 posts
Jan 29th '11
Quoting .chele.:" I just found this on a pregnancy web site... By 20 weeks your baby will have grown to 1 pound or 454g and though still small and fragile she can hear and recognize her mother's voice."

I am 8 weeks preg care to b friends on facebook?