Signs that labor is near tanya1982 1 child; Indiana 129 posts
Jan 15th '07
ok the last two days i have been feeling tired and achy almost like i have the flu but i dont I cant sleep and im due any time. Did anyone feel like this before their labor started? Also Im curious for other ladies to reply and tell me what they experienced right before they went into labor thanks
Patty Cooks Florida 1 posts
Jun 17th '10

I too have been feeling generally icky and im in so much pain, my pelvic bones feel broken and i can't hardly walk. Im praying this means the end is near. I am 37 weeks, but my recent ultrasound put me at almost 39 so im hoping i am further than i thought. This is my fifth baby and honestly i just dont remember the onset, i think your so ready for it to come you forget. lol. But hopefully for both of us this is a good sign!

Sara Dimpfl Due October 5 (girl); 1 child; Japan 1 posts
Jul 29th '13

I am only 30 weeks pregnant with my second child and I been having the runs and back aches is that any signs of labor and I have been puking sometimes

jen black 2 kids; California 3027 posts
Jul 29th '13

I have been feeling like that for 3-5 weeks. I'm almost 41 weeks, have been in preterm labor twice, and I will have to be induced on Wednesday. I thought it was a sign for me, but it wasnt :(