carseat in RV Rylee & Greyson's Mama 34 kids; Maine 2675 posts
Jun 13th '10

My daughter will be 16m when we leave for campig for the week.. we will be riding down in my parents camper (then pitchng our tent :wink: lol) Does my daughter need to be in some sort of car seat while riding in the camper? Like in the "livng" area..

[yo.] 1 child; Gayville, South Dakota 13371 posts
Jun 13th '10

we never put my little brother in one... we usualy held him or buckled him in

*I Induce* 2 kids; Dallas, Texas 11089 posts
Jun 13th '10

i would because im paranoid!

Rowanmayfairs TTC since Feb 2008; 1 child; Disney, Oklahoma 6663 posts
Jun 13th '10

I would say YES ..

If you got in a wreck.. Can you imagine her flying arouund the RV ? Or up running around while the vehicle is moving ?

But when you google it there is no real "safe" way to secure her seat unless you put her in the front seat.

My husband worked for an RV dealership and sadly they are not equipment to deal with carseats... They are alot more child friendly FUN WISE nowdays, but not safety wise though..

Can you take a regular vehicle and follow them ? Then she is safetly secured in.

Proud_mommy_of 5 21 kids; Las Vegas, Nevada 131 posts
Jun 13th '10

Yes they do. And the car seat must be put on a seat that faces the front of the RV. They can not be on a seat that sits sideways.

♥ boop 17 kids; Montana 20753 posts
Jun 15th '10
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