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Jun 12th '10

Don't worry - I keep my thread updated as best that I can <3 No need to look thru 39 + pages :lol:

It's time to declutter! My son will be here MONDAY MORNING at 4:30 am - this has got to go. I will also TRADE for baby boy name-brand/cute clothes (I like Old Navy, Small Paul, Baby Gap, Hurley, Circo, Guess, TCP, Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren, etc), blankets, or cute accessories/gear. I have a 16 month old, too. I'll consider offers & partial trades. If you for-sure want items, I need your email to invoice so they are held for you. I'll keep my list updated!

[[ Right-click and select "view image" for a closer look. ]]

----------------> [[ ELECTRONICS ]]

babygagasale007.jpg^^ I had PE with my first pregnancy, and when I lost my BP monitor I had to buy another one until we found ours. This was only used twice. Great for pregnancy!
I'll also sell our Wii $140 + $12.95 shipping.. Comes with the system, controllers, nunchucks, some games, and new wii-motion plus. I have the original box as well. We also have game cube games and controllers that can be played with this as well, if you're interested.

babygagasale334.jpgbabygagasale312.jpgbabygagasale114.jpgIf you're interested in other workout DVDs, please PM me :)
babygagasale112.jpgIf you'd be interested in baby DVDs, please PM me :)babygagasale113.jpgbabygagasale002-1.jpgIf you'd be interested in hundreds of Disney DVDs, please PM me.

----------------> [[ BAGS ]]

coachpurse-1.jpgcoachmakeupbag-1.jpgmakeupbag.jpgbabygagasale318.jpgbabygagasale223.jpgbabygagasale200.jpgbabygagasale059.jpgbabygagasale316.jpgbabygagasale147.jpgbabygagasale145.jpgbabygagasale313.jpgbabygagasale202.jpgbabygagasale250-2.jpgbabygagasale193-1.jpgbabygagasale206.jpgbabygagasale283.jpgbabygagasale281.jpgbabygagasale279.jpgbabygagasale189.jpgbabygagasale043.jpgIf you're interested in new replicas, please PM me.

----------------> [[ JEWELRY ]]

babygagasale309.jpgdolphin.jpgbeads.jpgbabygagasale326.jpgbabygagasale285.jpgbabygagasale054-1.jpgIf you're interested in replica jewelry, please PM me.

----------------> [[ BABY ]]

Also have boys clothing:

Baby's first video game system:
babygagasale338.jpgbabygagasale327.jpgReversible handmade boutique-style newborn bib: $4
----------------> [[ MATERNITY ]]

----------------> [[ CLOTHES ]]

babygagasale085-1.jpgbabygagasale168-1.jpgIf you'd be interested in other bikinis please PM me :)
babygagasale238.jpgbabygagasale236-1.jpgbabygagasale089.jpg?t=1276332624babygagasale237.jpgbabygagasale235.jpgbabygagasale288.jpgbabygagasale287.jpgbabygagasale142.jpgbabygagasale219.jpgbabygagasale091.jpgbabygagasale303.jpgbabygagasale058.jpgbabygagasale167.jpgbabygagasale276.jpgbabygagasale098.jpgbabygagasale176.jpgbabygagasale295-1.jpgbabygagasale157.jpgbabygagasale275.jpgbabygagasale192.jpgbabygagasale068-1.jpgbabygagasale254-1.jpgbabygagasale213.jpgbabygagasale274.jpgbabygagasale100.jpgbabygagasale271.jpgbabygagasale251.jpgbabygagasale215.jpgTube dress:
babygagasale265.jpgbabygagasale263.jpgbabygagasale264.jpgbabygagasale097.jpgbabygagasale261.jpgbabygagasale248.jpgbabygagasale122.jpgbabygagasale243.jpgbabygagasale180.jpgbabygagasale179.jpgbabygagasale178.jpgbabygagasale108-1.jpgbabygagasale239.jpgbabygagasale233.jpgbabygagasale107.jpgbabygagasale217.jpgbabygagasale105.jpgbabygagasale060.jpgbabygagasale101-1.jpgbabygagasale225.jpgbabygagasale227.jpgbabygagasale224.jpgbabygagasale197.jpgbabygagasale183.jpgbabygagasale191.jpgbabygagasale121.jpgbabygagasale146-1.jpgbabygagasale190.jpgbabygagasale115.jpgbabygagasale069.jpgbabygagasale184.jpgbabygagasale160.jpgbabygagasale166.jpgbabygagasale165.jpgbabygagasale156.jpgbabygagasale155.jpgbabygagasale096.jpgbabygagasale095.jpgbabygagasale153.jpgbabygagasale077.jpgbabygagasale152.jpgbabygagasale150-1.jpgbabygagasale139.jpgbabygagasale148.jpgbabygagasale135-2.jpgbabygagasale073.jpgbabygagasale136.jpgbabygagasale071-1.jpgbabygagasale133.jpgbabygagasale132.jpgbabygagasale130-1.jpgbabygagasale131.jpgbabygagasale128.jpgbabygagasale123.jpgbabygagasale120.jpgbabygagasale086.jpgbabygagasale118.jpgbabygagasale119.jpgbabygagasale063.jpgbabygagasale075-1.jpgbabygagasale079-1.jpgbabygagasale076-1.jpgbabygagasale062.jpgbabygagasale061.jpgbabygagasale014.jpgbabygagasale013.jpgbabygagasale012.jpgbabygagasale010.jpgbabygagasale008.jpgbabygagasale007-1.jpgbabygagasale006-1.jpgFrom Nordstorm:
----------------> [[ SHOES ]]

----------------> [[ MISCELLANEOUS ]]

eyeshadow.jpgIf you're interested in other makeup, please PM me :)babygagasale029-1.jpgtinkerbellkeychain-1.jpgFor other keychains I have, please PM me :)babygagasale208.jpgbabygagasale201.jpgbabygagasale042.jpgdividetransparent-3.png
Thanks so much for looking! <3 [[Updated July 10th - all orders are currently SHIPPED and on the way.]]


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Jun 12th '10

Cute clothes you have great taste and the prices are great. I wish I was smaller or they were bigger!

just curious but how long did it take you to put this post together?

user banned 2 kids; Fiji 10927 posts
Jun 12th '10

good god that had to have taken you FOREVER!

how long is this?

The Mrs 3 kids; Texas 2653 posts
Jun 12th '10

Well it's 5am and my son went to bed at 11 sooo.... :lol: :oops: I have some larger sizes as well, I tried to find something for everyone.

Updated original post because someoneee out there has the fastest fingers in the west and snatched stuff up.

Off to get a measuring tape.

The Mrs 3 kids; Texas 2653 posts
Jun 12th '10
Quoting [kylie]:
Brity Brit 2 kids; Bedford, Pennsylvania 4891 posts
Jun 12th '10

how much with shipping

Emma and Chloe's Momma Due February 24 (boy); 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Plainfield, IN, United States 12894 posts
Jun 12th '10

How much?
I'm still looking

Opppps and.....

I♥Em&Gugga 2 kids; Evansville, Indiana 27744 posts
Jun 12th '10

The grey Hollister henley and the pink one. True to size? I want both I think. Could you please measure the length from shoulder to the bottom and across the chest from seam to seam?

Natasha ♥ Nayeli & Due September 19 (girl); 17 kids; Texas 2388 posts
Jun 12th '10

would you say this runs small or big?
i love but i dont want it to be too baggy?


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Jun 12th '10

Damn me for not having money!!! Cute stuff!

Sha [E] ne California 2827 posts
Jun 12th '10

boooooooooo for being broke! :(

Emma and Chloe's Momma Due February 24 (boy); 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Plainfield, IN, United States 12894 posts
Jun 12th '10

I want the VS polo lso. I'm going to look one more time wheni get home too.

Momma to 3 Girls!! 3 kids; Mount Vernon, Kentucky 7505 posts
Jun 12th '10

could you measure the waiste of these for me? Also could i get a shipping quote to 40460 for these please?

The Mrs 3 kids; Texas 2653 posts
Jun 12th '10
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The Mrs 3 kids; Texas 2653 posts
Jun 12th '10
Quoting BrittG.R.I.T.S: