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Jul 9th '10
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Jul 9th '10
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Jul 9th '10
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Ash&brooklynn♥ Due March 1 (girl); 2 kids; Minneapolis, MN, United States 16900 posts
Jul 9th '10
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Jul 9th '10

Want to add this Mama, (Mayor of Crazy Town).

She sold me a cute pair of PJs and shipped them very quick! This is the second time I've boughten off her and I recommend her to anyone!

Mayor of Crazy Town 3 kids; Manchester, New Hampshire 33194 posts
Jul 9th '10
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M&P's Mamarazzi 2 kids; Iowa 4721 posts
Jul 9th '10

Id love to add Lizabeth
she sold me several shirts at a AMAZING prices, kept me up to date, was the only mama on here to ask ME if I got my package yet, such a sweetheart to deal with :D
I recommend her to everyone

also would like to add Heidi
I bought a hoodie for my LO from her, not only did I LOVE it but it smelled amazing! She also kept me up to date and was very helpful also recommend her to everyone

last but def not least Id like to add Ericka She sold me some baby legs at a VERY good price, kept me up to date, messaged me within minutes also send me a more than what I paid for, I also recommend her to everyone

poopy butt 1 child; Georgia 4445 posts
Jul 10th '10

I'd like to add:

all her jewelry is SO awesome and she shipped super quick. I got all my stuff in about 2 days, and got an AMAZING deal thanks!:D:D

♥ K ♥ 2 kids; Florida 1954 posts
Jul 10th '10

I would like to add:

I have bought from her on two separate occasions. Once I bought a new pair of Jordan shoes, and on a second occasion I bought a new Jordan outfit. Both times she was SO nice and her communication with me regarding my purchases was amazing. She shipped prompty and my purchases looked exactly like the picture.

I bought used Tshirt and shorts. Both are in excellent condition and look new! Paid a great price for them and ships when she says she is going to.

♥Ericka✄ 3 kids; Wisconsin 32779 posts
Jul 10th '10
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Stinke Pie 18 kids; Sheboygan, Wisconsin 2220 posts
Jul 10th '10

I am adding
For some diapers I bought. She sent them all in great condition and even threw in a free diaper!

I♥Em&Gugga 2 kids; Evansville, Indiana 27744 posts
Jul 10th '10

Adding Brittany,
Bought a cute Gymboree shirt from her at a great price & she shipped super fast:D

Bow Making Mama♥ 2 kids; 1 angel baby; California 18870 posts
Jul 10th '10

Adding ♥Just Me♥
She was super nice/helpful! She shiped fast and to top it all off I love the Jordans :) thank you mama

JLS and JDS's mom ~GDS~ Due April 12 (girl); 2 kids; Mesa, Arizona 5714 posts
Jul 10th '10

I want to add these 3 wonderful women!

Charlene dallas cowboys. for some custom ribbon I ordered. She has great customer service skills and made exactly what I was looking for. Her prices are very fair and she shipped quick! I got it in 1-2 days and have already placed another order with her and waiting for it to arrive in the mail. If you need custom ribbon and can't find it, go to her! I am already in the process of making matching bows for my daughter and sister with it!


Yajaira Kait & Aiden's Mama for bows. She has recently learned to make bows and they are just beautiful and perfect! I bought one from her and she sent me a few freebie clippies for my daughter that are absolutely gorgeous! She has excellent customer service skills, great prices, and shipped very quick! And her bows smelled phenomenal! I would def buy more from her!
Nickole SuperMommyto3 I ordered some more cloth diapers from her and am in LOVE with them! She has excellent customer service skills and kept me updated with my order and sent me pics after each one was finished. I love her prices and love how she makes the diapers custom for my daughter's size. I ordered 6 diapers from her, and she was having a deal, buy 5 get 1 free. I told her to surprise me with the free one and she did not let me down. When I got them in the mail today I was thrilled! The pink one was my freebie. She embroidered Joanna's name on the back! I will def be ordering more from her!

Again, I will def be ordering from all of them again!

♥Heather♥ 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Great Lakes, IL, United States 27363 posts
Jul 10th '10
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