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Oct 30th '10
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Oct 30th '10
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Ally-Mama of 2Boys &1Girl 3 kids; Lorain, Ohio 15666 posts
Oct 30th '10

I would like to add Dream
for the Cloth Diapers she sold me! they got here super fast and shes been a big help with all my cloth diapering quiestions and stuck with me threw my paypal mix up! Thanx again hun!

ZombieMomma 2 kids; Ohio 12467 posts
Oct 30th '10

I'd like to add Jenn-Aaralynn's mommy[JAS I bought a thanksgiving pillowcase dress from her! She did an amazing job on it and shipped it quickly.

And heres the dress!!

*MOMMY3* Houston, Texas 2502 posts
Oct 30th '10

i want add two mamas

coqui's mama-
for some mama shirts and for super fast shipping will be buying again

daisy(bmm) -
for the most awesome baby boy clothes and fast shipping =) will be buying again

Jenn-Aaralynn's mommy 1 child; Texas 4671 posts
Oct 30th '10
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Oct 30th '10

Adding Mary Mary((BMM)) I won her Halloween bow giveaway and it got here SUPER fast! She mailed them out either yesterday or the day before (can't remember lol) and it got here today! Perfect timing! It's so cute and I love it! Thanks Mary!!

*Simply Complicated* 1 child; New Richmond, Wisconsin 3959 posts
Oct 30th '10

Adding heather

I did a catalog party with her and she got the stuff to me pretty quick and is including a gift for the delay of something on backorder! :) Thanks so much hunny! :)

Ph♥ Flyer8784 1 child; Mount Dora, Florida 5591 posts
Oct 31st '10

would like to add: Ashes [+3]
When I got ripped off by another mama on here for a Yo Gabba Gabba outfit she was soooooo super sweet and sent Peanut a YGG hoodie for free! She is absolutely awesome and was so nice for sending it!
Peanut absolutely aodres it and if I would of let her she would of slept in it tonight!

OurChloeBugBowtique 18 kids; Clayton, Delaware 8737 posts
Oct 31st '10

would like to add for a sample bottlecap she made me, i looove it, its perfect, and will def be buying from her...

Jagged b***h 14 kids; Elkhart, Indiana 14928 posts
Oct 31st '10

I have a few so here i go. lol

First is Daisy for amazing bows like always. Thank you Daisy, I truely love your bows.

Second Vanessa-(scentsy)I ordered from here and won her giveaway. I love my warmer and the scents. super fast with the shipping. Thank you Hun.

Third-(and a long time coming) Heather 007- I have ordered several different soaps and body sprays and they are all great. I love them. She ships fast and makes a great product. Thanks Love.

Us-2-Against-the-World 1 child; Los Angeles, California 334 posts
Oct 31st '10
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Oct 31st '10
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Oct 31st '10

I am adding Heather[Faith's Mommy]...

I bought alot of bows from her at a VERY good price! She has excellent customer serivce skills and she ships very fast! I will definitely continue buying from her! The bows are so cute! I am definitely 100% satisfied! Heather is definitely awesome!

♥Heather♥ 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Great Lakes, IL, United States 27363 posts
Oct 31st '10
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