Monkeys Mommy+1 [[ily]] 2 kids; Arizona 7705 posts
Oct 9th '10

Im adding this mama
I bought a jersey for my SO. he loved it! everything was good. she kept me updated and everything. i will def keep buying from her!

Thank you!!!

JLS and JDS's mom ~GDS~ Due April 12 (girl); 2 kids; Mesa, Arizona 5714 posts
Oct 9th '10

Adding Jess jessikins♥ She was hosting a Scensty party that I ordered through and I got my stuff really fast and LOVE it! I will def be ordering more! Thank you!!

Alyssa+Baby ♥[BLB] 1 child; Savannah, Georgia 18993 posts
Oct 9th '10

Cause her bows are fab and she ships quick!

Annalis Mommy TTC since Aug 2012; 17 kids; 2 angel babies; Aberdeen, Washington 11676 posts
Oct 9th '10

Adding super fast shipping great clothes

✄mOmMyKaTe[BLB] 1 child; FORT RILEY, Kansas 26422 posts
Oct 9th '10

Adding Mindy she saw I needed ACU fabric for a custom order and was having a hard time finding it, she had a bunch of it and gave it to me for a freakin awesome price!!!!! Thanks soooo much girl! you rock!!!

So Delicious Bows 2 kids; Hawaii 15954 posts
Oct 9th '10
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_._._._ 18 kids; London, Ontario 38382 posts
Oct 9th '10

Adding Marrie
for another AWESOME dyed and painted onesie :D Super fast shipping, even across the border :D


endless possibilities Due November 7; 6 kids; Tacoma, Washington 40890 posts
Oct 9th '10
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She Got Her Own 3 kids; Hodges, South Carolina 5813 posts
Oct 9th '10

Adding this mommy
Bought some J's for my LO. She shipped super fast and they are in EUC. :)

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Oct 10th '10

I would like to add Joanna Lyn's mom ~GDS~ +1

I ordered a couple bows from her and her bow work is AMAZING! I love working with her. She is very patient and she lets me lead the way on how I want my bows made. I LOVE HER FOR THAT! She kept me informed about my order and she shipped VERY quickly with no problems at all! She has excellent customer service skills. I will definitely remain a loyal customer to Melissa! She is definitely going to be in the ranks of my #1 bow makers! We have so much fun picking out ribbon, resin centerpieces, and bottlecaps together, lol! :D I LOVE THE BOWS SHE MADE FOR ME! This is a new style for her, but as you can tell, she totally mastered this new style!

Here are a few pictures of the 2 bows she made me for me...THESE PICTURES DO NOT DO THESE BOWS ANY JUSTICE! THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON!

I ♥ HGF&EBF! 18 kids; North Baltimore, Ohio 8543 posts
Oct 10th '10
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Oct 10th '10
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Ph♥ Flyer8784 1 child; Mount Dora, Florida 5591 posts
Oct 10th '10

I would like to add Karibou
ordered some tights for Peanut to wear to the pumpkin patch, they got here quick and she was pleasant to deal with :)

{Noah & Lucas' Mommy} 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Nebraska 46991 posts
Oct 10th '10

Adding for the cute little siggy she made me. :)Thank you so much.

Kelly +2 ERF/EH! 18 kids; Valdosta, Georgia 18072 posts
Oct 10th '10

Adding Britiany for the hot pink and zebra bow and piggy sets! They were too cute and got to me in two days! Thanks :D