[BLB] + 3 Due November 4 (boy); 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Hasty, Colorado 16754 posts
Oct 4th '10

Adding Sammie Jay for some great M2MG boutique bows, a fall pumpkin boutique and she threw in a cute owl clippie. Within her turnaround, great quality and a freebie - what more could I ask for?!

Thanks Sammie. - can't make this a link, the page won't load completely....sorry.

sarah+1 Due January 31; 1 child; Louisiana 3706 posts
Oct 4th '10

Adding Marley for some bottle caps :)

She had them finished and shipped within 2 days!! Love working with her! Can't wait to make some money, so I can buy some more :)

.THAT.GiRL. 2 kids; Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1959 posts
Oct 4th '10

Adding Marley. Ordered a bottlecap Friday and recieved it today!

.THAT.GiRL. 2 kids; Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1959 posts
Oct 4th '10

Adding Marley for a bottlecap i ordered friday and recieved today

Monkeys Mommy 50 kids; Killeen, Texas 2922 posts
Oct 4th '10

Adding this momma! Love my headbands and she shipped really fast!!!!

Steph{♥T&A♥} 2 kids; Arkansas 1893 posts
Oct 4th '10

Would like to add Jessica
Ordered this just a few days ago and got it today!
And it is in EUC just like she said it was.
I was very happy to get it this quickly!

Aziena and Zeah's Mommy Due March 1; 2 kids; Arizona 7220 posts
Oct 4th '10

Adding Jai I bought some shoes from her 3 days ago and BOOM here they are lol. They are in great condition and we love them, thanks mama!

Also adding this mama
for a pair of shorts I bought from her price was great and in great condition, thanks mama! :)

BG World is Mine- WCH Due December 31 (boy); Texas 0 posts
Oct 4th '10


I got 3 maternity shirts. The price was a steal. (thanks btw) They came in GREAT condition. She shipped fast. She was a very sweet lady to work with.

{Noah & Lucas' Mommy} 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Nebraska 46991 posts
Oct 4th '10

Adding Marley- for the awesome bottlecaps she made for me. AS always she is super quick, super awesome, and does super awesome work. Love them! Thank you, thank you!

Delilah Isabella 2 kids; California 30551 posts
Oct 4th '10

Adding this wonderful mama
Finally bought this outfit I've been wanting and got it super fast and LOVE IT!!!! Can't wait to buy some more from here :D Thanks so much mama

Harva Due February 24 (boy); 3 kids; California 806 posts
Oct 4th '10

Finally a good seller after two bad ones in row!

Ravey for a cute dress. She shipped quickly!

Ph♥ Flyer8784 1 child; Mount Dora, Florida 5591 posts
Oct 4th '10

I would like to add Alina Naydine this is the 2nd time Ive ordered head bands from her. I always get them super fast and she is always very nice to order from :)

nendhsiwjru 6 kids; Denver, Co, United States 37137 posts
Oct 4th '10

I would like to add Danielle

Bought some of her super cute clothes, and I love them! thank you so much!

dopechickdani. TTC since Aug 2016; 1 child; California 29411 posts
Oct 4th '10
Quoting LegalAlien
Puяp Juicє 1 child; Florida 13180 posts
Oct 4th '10

For 2 pairs of GORGEOUS heels I LOVE THEM!!! & a great deal!! She's a great seller I highly recommend her!! :D