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clear discharge in early pregnancy or before missed period user banned
Jun 6th '10

hey ladies :)
sorry for those of you who have seen my other 2309283908 postings in the last few days! lol

did any of you get a clear discharge before your missed period (when you normallly dont)? did it continue for awhile?

i dont remember this happening with my son so early, but AF is a few days late and im testing negative.

about 1 1/2 weeks ago i had spotting for 2 days, it was brown and stringy, and then i started getting this clear discharge. it doesnt smell or anything, its there alot when i wipe though, sometimes theres so much that i think AF started and i run to the bathroom.

help! :D

Bree (Mommy of two) 2 kids; Decatur, Alabama 2633 posts
Jun 6th '10

I'm actually going through the same thing, heh. I'm 13 days late and no signs of AF. I tested 5 days before missed period due to brown spotting and 4 days late and both were negative. So I have no clue what to tell you. I haven't tested since. I don't think I'm pregnant. Just waiting on AF to come.

user banned 2 kids; Bat Cave, North Carolina 64587 posts
Jun 6th '10
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Bree (Mommy of two) 2 kids; Decatur, Alabama 2633 posts
Jun 6th '10
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♥Heather♥ 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Great Lakes, IL, United States 27363 posts
Jun 6th '10

Go get a blood test

JJJJJJ :) 16 kids; Australia 2130 posts
Jun 30th '10

i know im late.
but i also have been getting that, havnt seen AF for couple days
but have been getting clear mucus in my pants and often have to go to toilet cause i think i just got my AF but its just discharge, and when i whip its usually on the paper. never had this before

Toni8664 TTC since Nov 2010; 1 child; Florida 6 posts
Jan 4th '11

I have for the last 4-5 days had a slight brown (like I'm getting my period when I wipe) discharge. Well Just 2 days ago I wiped and there was a clear sticky with a brown kinda mucus looking thing on the tissue. What was that?

samblondo United States 1 posts
Dec 10th '14

The past three months  my time of the month was a week late and was a light pinkish brown color and lasted three days.. My cycle was supposed to come yesterday and am having  clear semi sticky/watery milkie discharge.. The tests i took were neg, My ma thinks i could be but don't have the money for blood test.