Pics! 4 year old losing teeth? Blood warning. Mommy Melissa ♥ 2 kids; Ontario 1 posts
Jun 3rd '10

I posted something like this last night but wondered about more opinions.

My son is 4 and has lost his bottom from tooth just a few minutes ago. The one beside it is loose too.

I just think that is really young kinda freaks my out. We brush his teeth everyday and he eats healthy, but most kids I know start losing their teeth around 7 not 4.

When did your kids lost theirs?


*~B and B~* 1 child; Montana 6350 posts
Jun 3rd '10

I lost my first tooth right after I turned five...

BigG{30+} 2 kids; Gainesville, Virginia 12014 posts
Jun 3rd '10

I think anywhere from 4-7 is normal. It's a little early, but I doubt it's of any concern. Ask a dentist though just to be sure if you're worried. My son is 5 and I am not looking forward to it!

user banned Due November 3; 2 kids; Massachusetts 3782 posts
Jun 3rd '10

i was 5 when i lost my two bottom teeth so i'd say its normal? but idk lol my brother didnt lose his first tooth til he was 8

tinana+3 3 kids; Orlando, FL, Virgin Islands 46391 posts
Jun 3rd '10

I think 4-5 is very normal!

Blissful 3 kids; Massachusetts 5913 posts
Jun 3rd '10

my nephew was 5 when he lost his first tooth.

LittlebuttsMamax3! 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Asheville, North Carolina 17318 posts
Jun 3rd '10

I'm not sure, but I do know my SO lost the same teeth a few times.. lol Like he'd lose one and it would come back and he'd lose it again and it'd come back.. lol

He also didn't lose his last baby tooth till he was 18.. :?

LunarBugs 1 child; 1 angel baby; Fairyland, FY, Christmas Island 5168 posts
Jun 3rd '10

My sister is 5 and just started losing teeth. Take him to a doctor or dentist if you're concerned but some kids are just early with things like that.

La Dolce Vita♥ 18 kids; Iowa 26327 posts
Jun 3rd '10

I lost my first tooth in kindergarten..A lot of kids in my class did actually. We had a chart in our classroom for every time one of us lost a tooth.

Mommy Melissa ♥ 2 kids; Ontario 1 posts
Jun 3rd '10

Thank you, I am not super worried but had never heard of a 4 year old losing teeth. His top front tooth is missing too but that was surgically removed due to him jumping off a laundry basket.

My husband says maybe he knocked the bottom one too, who knows.

Mami of five 117 kids; Corsicana, Texas 937 posts
Jun 3rd '10

I lost my first tooth at 4 but, that's only because my sister pushed me down on concrete and my head bounced. Needless to say I had to get stiches in my face and my sister got her butt tore up by my dad.

Mrs. Skellington 3 kids; Saint Louis, Missouri 15088 posts
Jun 3rd '10
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