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May 23rd '10

Alright.. I got my mom to pick me up shampoo for oily hair and she got head and shoulders for oily or fine hair.. hopefully it works!

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May 23rd '10
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Dec 7th '12

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Ugh since week 2 of my pregnancy my hair has been INSANELY oily! Before I could do a WEEK without shampooing before getting a lil oily. But now I swear to god it is greasy before it's ever dry! I stopped conditioning and after conditioner and my silk oil drops...still no help!

OH.MY.GOD!! The apple cider vinegar is a DREAM!! I use about a cup of it to totally saturate my hair and I rub it in and let it sit for a minute then rinse it out and shampoo and condition as usual, my hair is back to normal! Before it would be a greasy mess on my crown before It even dried all the way! I did it last week and my hair was good for three more showers so only need to do it about once a week. So glad I tried it! Though I strongly suggest you warm it up..I've been doing it straight from the bottle and OMFG COLD! lol