Extreme Fatigue, is this normal? (34 weeks) strbrysncream305 California 43 posts
Oct 4th '07
On Oct. 7th, I will be 34 weeks.

To be quite frank, I'm sick and tired of being pregnant. I have been sick and tired of being pregnany ever since I was 6 months along. I'm sorry but nothing appeals me about walking around with a basketball in front of you when your whole body aches because I have a full time schedule all throughout the week. I wake up at 6am and don't go to bed until midnight. It's hard to get comfortable at night. I hate waking up in the middle of the night just to urinate. I don't like it how I can't slunch over since the baby's head/back is up in my rib cage and everytime I try to bend over, it hurts. I can't reach for anything. I HATE it how I can't lay on my stomache anymore, knowing that was the only position where I could fall asleep. I hate the backache and braxton hix contractions. In the first trimester I hated feeling tired all the time. In the second trimester I hated the fact that my jeans couldn't fit anymore. There are so many countless things that happened throughout this pregnancy that I couldn't stand. How can someone LOVE being pregnant? To me it's hell... yES, THE baby movements are somewhat exciting but it gets old after awhile. I'm not emotionless or anything. I have a big heart. I just HATE being pregnant. Lesson learned, I know.

Sorry..I had to back to the main subject...

Starting a week ago, I have been feeling so lethargic and having extreme fatigue. It seems like I can never get enough rest. I can sleep all day and still feel extremely tired where my eyelids can't stay open and I don't have the energy to do what I usually do on a daily basis. I hate it! I'm not in the first trimester anymore. I shouldn't be feeling like this. My dad begins at 6am where I go to college and work/attend classes. My daily schedule is from 6am-4pm. On wednesday's I have to stay at the college from 8am-10pm, since I have an equine science class on Wednesdays. I have Math 70 everyday but it's an online course. Saturday and Sunday is the only time I have to rest but that seems impossible. It's already emotionally draining enough as it is, for my dad refuses to be in the picture (Just because I'm not giving my baby up for adoption.) and the baby's father is not in the picture even though I see him everyday at school. He is too imature and that's not even the half of it!! If you only knew him..

So this problem I have...the extreme fatigue and feeling lethargic all the time. Can I fix it? Will coffee help? iF ANything, I can't afford to feel like this...

Any comments/help woule be great.

Is this normal?