pooping after a c-section Jessica & Kaleb TTC since Nov 2015; 1 child; 3 angel babies; Massachusetts 5879 posts
May 19th '10

so im 5wks PP and after i had my c-section of course going to the bathroom was hard. At first the pain from having to go would bring me to knees every time :( i know they move ur intenstance (sp?) and stuff so i figured, but here i am 5wks later and maybe 1/3 of the time it still brings me to tears, i cant even move the pain is so bad when i have to go. I really wish i could explain but its just like an intense contraction thats how bad it hurts. I'm going for my 6wk check up next week but has anyone had this? Should i be worried? Its terrible and i cant deal with it

Jessa♥ 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Thailand 13586 posts
May 19th '10
Quoting Jessica 4.15.10:
Katie666c 1 child; Illinois 103 posts
May 19th '10

have you tried vaseline? my sister has her LO naturally but she had the same problem for a couple of months afterwards and said vaseline and a q-tip helped her

Mia Mama{30+} 1 child; Denver, Colorado 3604 posts
May 19th '10

More fiber also you can call your Dr. and they can right a script for a suppository that will help.

Stu Padasso 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Summerlin, NV, United States 14655 posts
May 19th '10

Holy crap, I know what you mean. It still hurts to poo. Activia (sp?) is pretty tasty and helps. Or just plain yogurt with some fiber in it.

Jacee&Jaxon's Mommy!! 2 kids; Clinton, Tennessee 1230 posts
May 19th '10

After my csection I took stool softners for about two wks b/c I was afraid it would hurt. After I stopped takingthemit may have hurt the first few times but nothing to bad. When you say its like a contraction type feeling do you mean kinda like gas? I had those pains bad in the hospital and they told me to walk and that would help that...but since your 5wks pp Idk if that would help.

user banned 1 child; Houston, Texas 1453 posts
May 19th '10

Are you still on pain medications? I am asking because my nurses told me as long as I was taking them to take stool softeners. If you've been on them a long time they can cause constipation. I would definitely ask your doctor at your 6 week check up because I don't think it should hurt that bad. I never had a problem either and I was able to go 3 days after birth.

Brooklyn Wise 1 child; Sturgis, South Dakota 18 posts
Oct 11th '12

I had my son c section 8 weeks ago and i no what you mean they feel like contractions to me and then shortly after i have to go iv talked to every one about it but they all just say that's part of having people work on you in that kinda situation there worried about you and the baby so there not really taking there time to be nice on your insides and my brother and husband work in the OR so i believe them but im still going to ask my doctor cuz it hurts way to bad to be normal sorry i don't have any advice but just wanted you to no ur not the only one

JBEB Australia 1 posts
Jul 24th '14

I'm three weeks post c-section. And I get the sharpest intense pain when pasting wind or pooing. Not every time but mornings are worse and I wonder if it's when I'm sitting for a long time. I will be asking my dr at the six week mark!