Im stuck Gah... 50 kids; 15477 posts
May 13th '10

Doing an application and im stuck! I have to pick the best and worst senario.... Ahh

One of your friends at work is complaining about an assignment given him by his supervisor. He thinks the assignment is beneath him and he has decided to refuse to do it. What would you do?

A. Tell your friend to just do the assignment without complaint.
B. Do the assignment for your friend this one time.
C. Nothing; let your friend's supervisor deal with it.
D. Offer to trade; you will do this assignment for him if he will do one of yours for you.
E. Tell the supervisor.

Big Poppa 1 child; Grapevine, Texas 8777 posts
May 13th '10

I would say E is the best and B is the worst?

GiannasMomma 1 child; Illinois 5716 posts
May 13th '10

A is the answer I believe

user banned 3 kids; Los Angeles, California 54034 posts
May 13th '10

A best
D worst is what I'd say.

Gah... 50 kids; 15477 posts
May 13th '10

This is.. not helping LOL.. And SO keeps pushing that sayin nothing is the best answer, and for some reason from an ex team leads position I just cant agree.

user banned Due May 16 (twins); 17 kids; Virginia 5599 posts
May 13th '10

B is the worst. idk about the best, thats a tricky one.

~~~DINZ~~~ 3 kids; Bangor, Pennsylvania 25038 posts
May 13th '10
Quoting They are my everything:
Blessedw6 Due September 12 (boy); 5 kids; Wisconsin 6357 posts
May 13th '10

I say C.. but it is tricky.