Waking your man up for sex... RadioactiveCat 2 kids; Roanoke, VA, United States 22958 posts
May 7th '10

Do you ever do it? Anyone got any really good tips for that?

milf and c00kies ツ 33 kids; San Clemente, California 24501 posts
May 7th '10

I do it all the time.
I just get on top of him and start kissing him, he usually wakes up with just that.

jennybean__ 17 kids; Colorado 5082 posts
May 7th '10

ugh, no!

i wish!

he sleeps so hard. :/

meggg+J,B&L♥ 3 kids; Nasinu, Fiji 16901 posts
May 7th '10

i just reach over and grab it:twisted: then he turns over and voilaaa, awsome sex hahahah

crybaby tittymouse ☮ 1 child; Utah 15839 posts
May 7th '10
Quoting Mayor Bee:
RadioactiveCat 2 kids; Roanoke, VA, United States 22958 posts
May 7th '10
Quoting jennybean__:
user banned Due March 16; 18 kids; Springfield, Georgia 8473 posts
May 7th '10

i do it all the time. i just get on top and kiss him, sometimes i have to feel on him alot to wake him up. but he never minds as long as im on top :)

SUPAFUPA 2 kids; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1887 posts
May 7th '10

put his d**k in your mouth.

he'll wake up.

P&T'sMom Due December 26 (boy); 2 kids; Washington 4569 posts
May 7th '10

psh I do it, but i just start "giving IT a kiss" LOL HAHAHA

mαkαnαni Hogwarts, .., United Kingdom 77303 posts
May 7th '10

He pushes me away and gets all pissy and rolls away. :?

squαb 2 kids; Maine 20096 posts
May 7th '10

Mine is SUPER grumpy when woken, doesnt matter what its for, so I dont ever do it!

aeu 1 child; Texas 4487 posts
May 7th '10

i usually just jab him with my elbow and whisper "hey!", really loud...he knows what that means..

La Dolce Vita♥ 18 kids; Iowa 26327 posts
May 7th '10

All the time. I usually just kiss the back of his neck, and stick my hand down his boxers =)

user banned Chicago, Illinois 66899 posts
May 7th '10

Well if he's sleeping on his stomach then I usually kiss his neck and back and he rolls over, although he's still asleep. When he's on his back, I just pull his boxers down and start giving him a BJ, that wakes him up and I get some awesome sex out of the deal :D

Morgan_ Due April 11; 1 child; Newnan, GA, United States 9896 posts
May 7th '10

I did all the time with my ex.. just reach over and feel around a bit and he'd wake up..

I tried it once with my SO, and he woke up and went soft. :roll: