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May 3rd '12

This is more of a love song I think...But it makes me think of my dad and makes me feel better. It's a Otis redding cover. I was getting ready to go out and I put on a old Rolling stones record in my dads record player and this song came on.

"If I was the sun way up there
I'd go with my love everywhere
I'll be the moon when the sun go down
To let you know I'm still around

That's how strong my love is
That's how strong my love is
That's how strong my love is
That's how strong my love is

I'll be the weeping willow drowning in my tears
You can go swimming when you're here
I'll be the rainbow when the sun is gone
Wrap you in my colors and keep you warm

That's how strong my love is
That's how strong my love is
That's how strong my love is
That's how strong my love is

I'll be the ocean so deep and wide
I'll dry the tears when you cry
I'll be the breeze when the storm is gone
To dry your eyes and keep you warm

That's how strong my love is
That's how strong my love is
That's how strong my love is
Baby that's how strong my love is

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Jul 6th '12
Quoting Laina :):" Another Poem I love that helped me too- Today I saw you crying I sent you lots of love I hope that ... [snip!] ... your heart I can't wait to see you, Mommy God says you'll be here soon Until then, I'm with you And I love you to the moon"

This is so beautiful. My heart aches reading this, I lost my pregnancy (my very first) last October and my baby wouldve been born in June. I know my baby is with Jesus, but I wish I could have my baby with me.

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Aug 9th '12

these poems help me alot!

My little one, You have left us too soon! Though my body can no longer hold you, I hold you forever in my heart! As precious & beautiful as a flower caught in time, A mother's love does not forget!

I Didn

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Sep 6th '12

I thought of you and closed my eyes and prayed to god today. I asked what makes a mother, and I know I heard him say. A mother has a baby, this we know is true, but god can you be a mother, when your baby's not with you? Yes you can he replied, with confidence in his voice. I give many women babies, when they leave it's not their choice. Some I send for a life time, and others for a day, and some I send to feel your womb, but there's no need for them to stay. I just don't understand this, god I want my baby here! He took a breath and cleared his throat, then I saw a tear. I wish that I could show you, what your child is doing today. If you could see your child smile, with the other children and say.. 'we go to earth to learn our lesson, of love and life and fear. My mummy loved me oh so much, I got to come straight here. I feel so lucky to have a mum, who had so much love for me. I learnt my lesson very quickly and my mummy set me free. I miss my mummy oh so much, but I visit her each day. When she goes to sleep at night, on her pillow is where I lay. I stroke her hair, and kiss her cheek and whisper in her ear, mummy don't be sad today, I am your baby and I'm here. So you see my dear sweet one, your children are okay. You're babys are in my home, and this is where theyll stay. They'll wait here with me, until your lesson is through, and on the day that you come home, they'll be at the gates waiting for you. So now you see what makes a mother, it's the feeling in your heart. It's the love you had so much of, right from the very start <3

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Sep 13th '12

"God is babysitting her/him until I can be with them in heaven"

Moe Lachee Due March 23; Houston, Texas 6 posts
Oct 14th '12


MommaShan 18 kids; Pennsylvania 10 posts
Oct 15th '12

I just lost my baby Lukas on September 23 and I have some good days and I have some bad days. But my days are REALLY bad!!! I listen to music alot....and it helps! I have a few verses from songs that help me cope as well as 2 poems! I hope it helps you all and I hope we all have enough strength one day to pick our heads up and not be sad that they are gone but to embrace they are where they need to be. In God's Arms!!!
"I know my heart will never be the same, but Im telling myself I'll be okay. Even on my weakest days.....I get a little bit stronger!!!!"

"This is my temporary Home
It's not where I belong.
Windows and rooms that I'm passin' through.
This was just a stop,on the way to where I'm going.
I'm not afraid because I know... this was
My temporary home."

A little angel unknown I, am, my place is as an angel in a secret land.
I didn't have a name as such, you didn't get the chance,
I wasn't meant to live on earth just touch you by the hand.
I've been sent to touch your lives and I know you

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Oct 17th '12

I cant even make it through the first page without crying.its been 4 yars and i still feel the pain from the first time.those poems is helping me thanks ladies

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Oct 19th '12

Just wanted to put this out there for all of you who have an Angel. October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month and I currently have a contest for those who wish to share their story. I do understand how painful loss can be, having an Angel of my own, but sometimes it does help to get your story out there and share it with others. I lost my Angel nearly 12 years ago and I can say that time does help, but there is nothing that could ever take the hurt away. Healing is Remembering, so let's honor our Angels by remembering them.

Too Beautiful for this Earth - everyone who participates will be getting a g*****c made for their Angel.

Thank you, and hugs x*x

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Nov 21st '12

It must be very difficult
To be a man in grief,
Since "men don't cry"
and "men are strong"
No tears can bring relief.

It must be very difficult
To stand up to the test,

And field the calls and visitors
So she can get some rest.

They always ask if she's all right
And what she's going through.
But seldom take his hand and ask,
"My friend, but how are you?"

He hears her crying in the night
And thinks his heart will break.
He dries her tears and comforts her,
But "stays strong" for her sake.

It must be very difficult
To start each day anew.
And try to be so very brave-
He lost his baby too.

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Dec 11th '12

I just lost my daughter on the 4th to SIDS. I don't have the poem with me I placed it in her casket, she was almost 2 months old. The name of the poem is "my first Christmas in heaven"

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Dec 22nd '12

This page makes me so sad :(. I have suffered alot miscarriages. The hardest one was when i lost her at 6 months. I have a question for the mothers who lost children to SIDS. Does that type of loss make you want to have another baby quickly? or never want to try again because it wouldn't be the same?