nayy.marie [team pink] 67 kids; Wisconsin 684 posts
Mar 19th '12

baby clippers. my kids were both born with long finger nails, and the hospital doesnt supply them, so my suggestion is to bring one just in case.

Just another mommy Due June 7 (girl); 2 kids; Oak Grove, Kentucky 52 posts
Mar 25th '12
Quoting Emily Sweetin-smith:" I dont know how many times ive read you will bleed you will bleed. I was done bleeding by that evening. ... [snip!] ... boy and mommy will miss him terribly. so i need him some place i know someone can bring him when we want to see each other. :/ "

I bled for longer than that with both of my children, but for nor more than a day or two, everyone is different.

Butterball TTC since Jan 2015; 1 child; 3805 posts
Mar 30th '12

Every hospital is different, so what you need to bring is always different. Check with your hospital to see what you need to take. My hospital gave me a list of things I need to bring, and when I'm allowed to bring in my bags. (I have to have a labor bag, and then a post partum bag. I can only bring my labor bag in with me and a pillow when I first go into labor. Afterwards when I sent to my PP room, then I can have SO or somebody go out to the car and bring in the other bags.)

So I have a total of three bags and a carseat to bring to the hospital with me; my labor bag, baby/diaper bag, and mine/SO suitcase.

elaine01 TTC since Jun 2007; 1 child; Singapore 2 posts
Apr 1st '12

Quoting LaceyDiane♥:" Don't be like my sister and forget the car seat!"

For the NB? I sling him home....

Angie Clinton Due December 28 (boy); Japan 38 posts
Apr 6th '12

Well. I think a table tennis can be leaved.

Flag Due May 1; 1 child; Newmarket, Ontario 2004 posts
Apr 6th '12
Quoting Angie Clinton:" Well. I think a table tennis can be leaved."

Pretty curious about what you mean?

G.Quintana 34 kids; Alamosa, Colorado 74 posts
Apr 13th '12

Not due till August but because of my past doctor says to be prepared early... Thanks i really like all your comments they helped out a lot!

Stevie Oslin-Pecore Due August 4 (girl); Claremore, Oklahoma 25 posts
Apr 18th '12
Quoting baby boy on board:" do i really need to bring my own gowns? someone told me they just used the hospital gowns and brought a robe to wear over them while they had guests visiting."

Hospital gowns are horrible lol.

Mrs. Edgington 3 kids; Kentucky 569 posts
Apr 21st '12

i brought me something to wear after the baby was born, my own shampoo, hair gel because i just let my hair go curly, make up, deoderent, my own tooth brush (tho they have some there) a razor bc if your like me ur pits will get hairy lol...skid proof socks and boppy pillow.....for the baby i brought blanky, paci, socks, clothes, i did put diapers and wipes but that was bc we were going to gmas house when we were leaving the hospital, o and for my self i brought hair ties, and my own blanket from home oooo and i brought my computer last time but this time im just gna take the ipad lol my poor hubby had to make like 2 trips before he brought the car around :)

Benita Maxwell Due August 12 (girl); 4 kids; Hudson, Wisconsin 183 posts
Apr 23rd '12

when preparing the bag I would consult with your OB and or the Maternity Center what they suggest. For every birth I have had they do not allow me to wear underwear or socks they want to constantly check for swelling and blood flow so they provide the mesh underwear. Also if you have sensitive soap you want to bring your own soap for sure!

tango25 Due August 20; North Carolina 202 posts
Apr 25th '12

I dont care how funny this sounds .....I am a nurse and I worked on a postpartum floor for a day.....women bleed heavily where the throwaway underwear and big super hospital pads dont help so I am buying the disposable depends underwear and bringing some super duper heavy pads because the pads they give you are generic and arent comfy....also I will bring my laptop....cell phone charger and camera.......1 gown, a robe, going home out fit for me. 1 picture outfit for baby, a nightie for baby, some personal toiletries and a book to read....

Lacy Cain Due May 1 (boy); Schertz, Texas 2 posts
May 2nd '12


*change of going home clothes....loose and comfy
*sweater,warm-ups....hospitals can get chilly
*2 tank tops, 2 pairs of shorts
*4 non-sexi panties.....can get ruined, 1 bra
*2 pairs short socks, 1 pair of long socks
*2 breast- feeding tanks .....i dont have a breast-feeding bra : /
* be comfy, shower i dont slip and fall
*3 adult diapers....for heavy bleeding...cause the mesh undies are itchy
*deodorant, shampoo and conditioner..hotel size,my brush, tooth-brush, tooth paste, mirror, hair ties, hair clips, chap stick, n****e pads, make-up
*towel, and 2 pillows, hand towel.....for labor
*crossword, and drawing pad, and pocket radio.......lots of pens, and markers
*6 peanut butter crackers.....indiv. wrapped

*going home outfit
*outfit for picture
*2 sleeping onesies, one with footies and one w/o
*2 hats, 2 handcovers
*2 receiving blankets
*2 pacifiers
*2 diapers

Mrs. Edgington 3 kids; Kentucky 569 posts
May 5th '12

y husband made fun of me the otherday because i decided to put panties, razor, toothbrush, deodorant, powder make up just because it makes me feel better and mascara lol and a small bottle of gel in my purse so when i go to my appointments w my doc if they put me in at least i have SOME stuff lol! but the rest i have yet to pack a bag i really probably should lol

tango25 Due August 20; North Carolina 202 posts
May 9th '12
Quoting nayy.marie [team pink]:" baby clippers. my kids were both born with long finger nails, and the hospital doesnt supply them, so my suggestion is to bring one just in case."

thank you for the advice. I didnt even think of that. it is true though hospitals dont cut nails because of the risk of injury.

Kirsty Hoyle Due June 23 (girl); 1 child; United Kingdom 149 posts
May 20th '12

depends on the hospital in the uk they dont provide nappies wipes gowns ect ya have to bring ya own .