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Jan 31st '12
Quoting itSz Ah GRl!_April08:" Damn im 18 havin ma 1st an really aint thnk i wud need all that! I guess i dnt kno muc bt Maxi Pads, ... [snip!] ... dats clever. That list jus helped me a whole lot! lol. Thnx! Im gonna go copy an paste dat an send it to ma email now! lol."

You pretty much have your period for 5 weeks after you have your baby

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Feb 4th '12
Quoting LaceyDiane♥:" Don't be like my sister and forget the car seat!"

Absolutely priceless!!

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Feb 14th '12
Quoting Gretchen Weiners:" What to pack? What not to pack? Here is a simple guideline, feel free to add to it if you have experience ... [snip!] ... and 2 videotapes. A small cooler packed with a sandwich and other snacks. A comfortable pillow in an old pillowcase."

I packed 4 outfits, 4 pjs, underwear, bras, socks, sandals, toiletries, pillow and blanket

and for the baby, i packed a diaper bag without the diapers and wipes because the hospital provided us with it. I packed my breast pump with bottle so daddy can feed her too, pjs, outfits, receiving blankets, burp cloths, and hair bows :)

Helen Hayes Japan 3 posts
Feb 21st '12

,Hi it's very useful post cause when I was pregnant I didn't know what to pack to the hospital, my husband later brought me some useful things, so I also found interesting article, may be it'll help you too! Good luck!!!

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Feb 27th '12
Quoting Melanie's Mommy:" ok now im really scared. i'm 16 and being a first time mom is freaking me out. so far i'm doing really ... [snip!] ... thing that scares me. why pads? robe? night gowns? so much stuff. what if i forget something?"

hey im 16 too and yeah the concept is scary :s message me ??

Linea Easton Due April 29; 1 child; Beaufort, South Carolina 202 posts
Feb 27th '12

The reason you need pads is because some hospitals don't provide them...after you have your baby your uterus goes back down to normal size over the next month or so(varies woman to woman) and during that time the lining of your uterus that has cushioned your baby throughout pregnancy is shed...pretty much you have your period from right after you deliver til around 6wks (again varies woman to woman) my daughter I only bled for like 2-3wks. Robe and night gowns are more of a convience than a neccessity they will give you a hospital gown to can generally ask for a second to put on like a robe so your bum isn't hanging out in the The reason for the baby clothes is obviously for the baby I found very useful the side snap shirts I think I got Gerber ones and they are wonderful for newborns...they go on like a button up shirt so you can change baby's clothes easier. I found a lot of comfort with them because I hadn't really handled a newborn like that until my daughter was born and I didn't have to maneuver her as much with these. Also, the "going home outfit" is a tradition basically find a favorite outfit that should fit baby immediately. Generally size newborn will fit fine as a coming home outfit. Some people want it to be a dressier outfit, but remember to factor in the season and comfort for your baby.

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Feb 28th '12

Yes don't stress yourself with worrying about everything you think you need and really don't. Just make sure you have those things at home lol. My last two deliveries I took nothing but outfit to take my kids pictures in. An outfit for them to go Home. Plus one for myself of course. My house shoes can't live without them socks. An one of my own PJs. And don't forget baby carseat. The rest they provide you know. Drinks (pops an juices) and than food. So why a cooler?

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Mar 5th '12
Quoting xxleggyladyxx:" Im confused why a tennis ball?"

For massage.

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Mar 7th '12

I am 35 Weeks and three days, I packed my bag already the only thing I packed was one pair of Pjs, one pair of socks just in case I get cold while I'm in the hospital, and a camera to take pictures, I'm going be in the hospital for 3 days cause I have a schuled C-section on the 28th, I am having a boy and I already packed his diaper bag and what I pack was three onsis with matching hates, a take home outfit a few diaper and wipes and pacifier.

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Mar 7th '12

I am also 35 weeks and packed my bags a few days ago only to find out today that I am almost all the way thinned out! He could be here any day I am so happy I packed early. I have to sit down the next five days, though....until 36 weeks. *sigh*

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Mar 8th '12

i am 37 weeks... started dialating last week... and having early laybor contractions alot. plus with me being active i am seemingly without intention mind you urging my child along. but i have none of these things to pack. i guess i will need tp, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and such for myself. i prefer no socks or shoes but that is just me. *swollen feet* and i have a few outfits picked out for my lil boy as well as diapers wipes a binky and come this saterday i will have more. oh yeh and a CAR SEAT!! i come prepared.... but it just isnt packed. i have it...just have to pack it. this thread was awesome btw... didnt know about the packing of a tennis ball or the snack cooler but it makes sense.

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Mar 9th '12

So if we are not breast feeding, do we still need a nursing bra? o_0

Just another mommy Due June 7 (girl); 2 kids; Oak Grove, Kentucky 52 posts
Mar 11th '12

Every hospital I've been to actually provides those really nice Nuk Pacifiers. So I have never bothered bringing one.

Emily Sweetin-smith 2 kids; Illinois 74 posts
Mar 16th '12

I dont know how many times ive read you will bleed you will bleed. I was done bleeding by that evening. didnt even need a pantyliner by sundown. had my son at 2.08 pm.

So every birth is different. like every hospital. I am now expecting our second. And honestly i have the mind set of it being our first because you just never know how things will go. Every baby is different..and every womans body is different.

I will not be packing a bag for me. I only like like a mile from the hospital so when the time comes I will just grab the things I will need for the first day. As hubby and family will be able to get whatever i need. Im more worried about what to do with my 2 year old. As he's a mommys boy and mommy will miss him terribly. so i need him some place i know someone can bring him when we want to see each other. :/

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Mar 16th '12
Quoting Emily Sweetin-smith:" I dont know how many times ive read you will bleed you will bleed. I was done bleeding by that evening. ... "

I'm pretty sure that's not normal, at all... I mean, as in, I was told to go back to the hospital if that were to happen... o.O