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Dec 15th '07
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Dec 15th '07
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Dec 16th '07

i have 2 months and hubby tonight told me I needed to start packing.......HUH?!? I didn't pack my bag last time until the night before I went into labor. I totaly over packed and didn't bring one thing I really needed.
I guess it's good to start now..............

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Dec 16th '07
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lachocolatecream 1 child; South Carolina 173 posts
Dec 16th '07
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Dec 16th '07

okay, i feel REALLY stupid asking this question...but ive noticed that some girls have "been TTC since..." at the bottom of their replies....what does it mean?

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Dec 16th '07

TTC Trying To Concive

Devil Duckie 3 kids; New York 48700 posts
Dec 16th '07

these are a little pricey but, they look OH SO COMFEY! They also have jammies if you don't like gowns

the ones i've seen at wallmart look cheap and scratchy.

young single mom to be Due February 14; Florida 21 posts
Dec 21st '07

im 31 weeks and i'm packing now because just last week i had to go to the hospital because i was having contractions....VERY scary time!!! and i didnt even have clothes washed to pack lol. im doing better now but have to be monotered every week. i keep the bag next to the front door so at a moments time i can just grab it and leave.

Xyn Georgia 448 posts
Dec 22nd '07

Wow, i haven't even thought about packing anything. I've been told that i have plenty of time, but i've also been told that it comes faster than you think. I definitly need to start making a list...just to have once i do pack.

Ammo_Wife 2 kids; Arkansas 639 posts
Dec 23rd '07

With my oldest I way overpacked and used almost nothingI brought..the hospital provided everything I needed besides my going home clothes. the baby's going home out fit and carseat...I did use my own deoderant, toothbrush and toothpaste but that was all provided too. They even provided mesh underwear so mine wouldn;t get ruined
With my second baby all I took in my bag was a going home outfit for me and the baby, underwear(I deliver at a different hospital and the mesh ones weren't avaliable) pads with wings(they were more comfortable than the maternity ones the hospital gave me) toothbrush, toothpaste, deoderant, pacifiers, and the carseat. Everything else was provided for me.
Just my opinion on this but as for bringing your own PJ's I would think twice, you are going to bleed after the birth and you run the risk of ruining your PJ's, for me it was just less of a hassle and worry to use the hospital gown they even had a robe for me.

miss_ashli88 1 child; New York 119 posts
Dec 25th '07

u dont really need an comeing home outfit 4 the baby b/c he will prolly be 2 small to fit anything anyway we brung my baby home in a sleeper. all u need 4 yaself is lots and lots of undies and toletries the hospital provides everything else 4 the baby oh yea bring yaself some snacks(lol).

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Dec 27th '07

My friend just had a baby not too long ago and she said she was so mad because she forgot to bring a hair tie! She said she ended up having to use a regular rubberband! =/

Karters mommy :] 1 child; Pennsylvania 56 posts
Dec 29th '07

ah . well i know im going to over pack cause i always do with everything. i didnt even know you would bleed afterwards! ah im so clueless to everything :[ but atleast i know what i should pack :] well i've got a long way to go before i have to worry about packing. but its def nice to know what im going to need a long way ahead of time!

silversage1107 2 kids; Nevada 119 posts
Dec 31st '07

I always bring too much stuff I think my hubby wants to kill me cause its been in the trunk for like 2 weeks and i have the diaper bag and my huge bag. I have to have my robe and pjs cause I hate being cold in the hospital. I am also bringing my pillow and blanket which I did last time I hate the blankets and pillows they provide. they suck!! I even had my blanket on me when I delivered!! I brought several size go home outfits depending on how big she is or how warm she needs to be. I also am bringing nursing pads in case I leak everywhere do they give those at the hospital?? Dont remember I was given some diapers so i made up a little diaper bag for her, with some wipes and cream and so forth i figured It was given to me at my shower why not have it handy just in case. I also brought a really warm blanket and reciveing blankets.

I tend to be overprepared than under! The olny thing I havent gotten is maxi pads but I am gonna get them closer to going to the hospital!