Turner syndrome ♥rEVOLution&hearts 4 kids; Eagar, Arizona 6985 posts
Mar 29th '10

Any mamas on here have a baby with Turners Syndrome? My niece was born with it so im curious.

Double Jeopardy 1 child; 1 angel baby; Seattle, WA, United States 19373 posts
Mar 29th '10
♥rEVOLution&hearts 4 kids; Eagar, Arizona 6985 posts
Mar 29th '10

Thank you!!!

♥KRJ + Me♥ 3 kids; Washington 3454 posts
Oct 12th '10

My daughter was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome at the age of 2, and she is now 11... I am so anxious to meet other mom's or families who deal with this.

Elle With FOUR! 4 kids; Wichita, KS, United States 18964 posts
Oct 12th '10

My three year old daughter was prenatally diagnosed with Turners :) She's 3 now, even though they said she'd never make it.

Sam-Marie Shanahan Due March 10 (boy); Texas 1 posts
Jun 1st '11

My daughter was diagonsed with Turner Syndrome in the womb, they gave her less than a 5% percent chance to make it but she is fighting and proving the doctors wrong. How do your daughters do as they grow and develop??

Jacquelynde 3 kids; Nixa, Missouri 316 posts
Jul 16th '12

My daughter is 17 weeks and 3 days in the womb the doctors said she has turner syndrome and is smaller than her twin. They say she won't make it because of the fluid. Anyone else any luck? All I can do is pray!

**mummyX3** 3 kids; Australia 1246 posts
Jul 17th '12

My cousin has turners and she is 20 now, she took the growth steroids tho and is far from short she would be at least 5 foot 7! You can kind of tell by looking at her but if you didn't know you probably wouldn't notice. Some percentage of girls with turners can't have children but she won't find that out until she is ready to start having kids although if all her eggs are gone she has two sisters who could donate! All in all she is just fine and lives a healthy normal life!

i feel like a whale Due August 24 (girl); 19 kids; United Kingdom 231 posts
Jul 17th '12

Hello my Jessica has turners...she nearly seven and is full of life

Daenerys Stormborn 2 kids; ., Nb, Canada 1276 posts
Jul 25th '12

My cousin hAs Turners syndrome and she is almost 30 years old! She's very short (under 5 ft) and can't have children. I don't know all the details of her condition but I do know she's a very happy individual. She liveson her own and hasn't had any major health issues.

I do know she had/has to take a special medication to start and stop her period because her body didn't have the hormones I do it and bc didn't work. She was told she would never even have her period.