How much weight gain is normal at 16 weeks? Mommy to be...1 1 child; 1 angel baby; USA 487 posts
Mar 18th '10

Hey I'm 16 weeks and so far I've gained 4 pounds is this normal ??This is my second pregnancy ...I'm just worried b/c I think I might be under weight...but at the same time my belly looks a lot bigger than it was for my first at 16 I'm confused lol...does anyone know what the normal weight wain at 16 week?

Tashara: Just Me 34 kids; Melvindale, Michigan 14137 posts
Mar 18th '10
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2happy 2 kids; 3 angel babies; North Carolina 14739 posts
Mar 18th '10

I am 33 weeks and I have gained 16 pounds so far. If there is a problem your doctor will let you know. You start gaining more around 25 weeks, I know that's when I started to gain. I only gained 5 pounds by the time I was 25 weeks.

user banned 33 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 722 posts
Mar 18th '10

At 16 weeks, I was -15 lbs.

I had bad morning sickness, I don't know what normal is......

KelsnJack'smom 3 kids; Arkansas 4741 posts
Mar 18th '10
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kelsey may&callie rae Due November 1; 1 child; New Brunswick 665 posts
Mar 18th '10

I lost 10 pounds

when I was 25 weeks, I really gained weight.. I ended up gaining 50 overall, all belly!

user banned 2 kids; Grand Rapids, Michigan 21095 posts
Mar 18th '10

I was 5 pounds under prepregnancy weight at 16 weeks but that was because I lost 15 due to morning sickness. Everyone is different.

QueenBrittany Due December 11 (boy); 1 child; Bremerton, Washington 357 posts
Mar 18th '10

i was wondering the same thing im 22 weeks and ive only gained 7 pounds but my stomache is pretttty big but the doctor says me and baby r fine. i just hope i dont gain all the weight at the end and get terrible strech marks

dream 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Linz, Ob, Austria 59820 posts
Mar 18th '10

my pregnancy book says 1 lb per month for the first 3 months (up to week 12). and 1 lb per week after that, so

weeks 1-4 = 1 lb total
weeks 5-8 = 2 lb total
weeks 9-12 = 3 lb total
week 13 = 4 lb total
week 14 = 5 lb total
week 15 = 6 lb total
week 16 = 7 lb total

but those are just "guidelines". There is a very wide range of "normal" for pregnancy weight gain. Some people don't gain any weight (usually they start overweight then) and some people gain over 100 lbs during their pregnancy.

A "healthy" total weight gain is usually suggested at about 25-35 lbs, but again .. that's not what happens for everybody.

Don't worry! =D

dream 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Linz, Ob, Austria 59820 posts
Mar 18th '10

for example, for me I was really sick until about 17 weeks and I lost a lot of weight. I didn't pass my pre-pregnancy weight until about 22 weeks, but by the end I had gained 36 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight.

Cassandra Marie (: 1 child; Washington 325 posts
Mar 19th '10

Um i dont think i gained any weight at 16 weeks...... i have my 18 wk apt on monday so ill let you know (:

NOLA Mommy Due January 4; 1 child; Louisiana 1 posts
Aug 9th '10

17 weeks.....gained 5 pounds so far.