Mama of 2 plus 3 2 kids; Illinois 27 posts
Nov 13th '07

I'm Colleen. I'm married to my bestfriend. We have been together since we were 13. We have a son named Skyler who will be 2 in January and we are due in April with baby #2, who we believe is a girl but we will confirm it tomorrow. The ultrasond last week she wasn't very cooperative so who knows she might be a he.

Another Bun In The Oven! 2 kids; Maryland 11 posts
Nov 13th '07

ME And My Fieancce has been together Sience He was 11 I was 10...We wern't Sexually active then but we Had the Puppy Love thing Going on that Grew Into True Love...We Are hoping to Get married in Dec.2008.
And We Want1 more baby after this which We hope Is A girl So we Have 2 boy and 2 Girls.
Or I would like to Have twin girls Because I think They are so Adorable Being Able to dress Them Alike and Do there hair alike..I just think It would Be a cool Experiance.

*.Berkleys mommy.* 2 kids; Oklahoma 2 posts
Nov 13th '07

Is Amanda. I am 16 almost 17. I have been with my boyfriend whos 20 for 2 years.
He has a almost 4 year old. && a 2 month old.

It's a girl Haylie 1 child; Louisiana 104 posts
Nov 14th '07
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Khristah 1 child; Tennessee 1 posts
Nov 14th '07

Hi my name is Khristah Cornelius. I am 18 yrs old soon to be 19 on November 20th. I am a proud mother of a 2yr old daughter named Kyla who was conceived on Halloween 2005, and an expecting mother of a baby girl named Khamile on Feb. 25. 2008. I am also a soon to be class of 2008 graduate of Central Ga Technical College where I'm studying to obtain my certificate as a Med. Skin Care Specialist.

*TJsMommy* 1 child; Tennessee 24 posts
Nov 14th '07

Pam!! 22 years old with a 3 year old son

gone******* 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Detroit, MI, United States 1514 posts
Nov 14th '07

Hay. my name is dea. im 22. i have a 3 year old daughter [her father is not the one im married to] i have a baby on the way. we arnt sure what the sex is yet, he/she kept closing their legs, but i go in a few weeks to try to find out again. im married to the most wonderful man alive. im truely blessed. i recently found out my last pap smear came back abnormal, and whatever they found was tested positive for cancer. the doctor said something about hpv, or that it could just be something ive gotten from my moms genes [all the women in my family have had cervical cancer]. i go back in a few weeks to get looked at further.

and im currently obsessed with watching i love new york 2 :]

Poofter. 1 child; Houston, Texas 47957 posts
Nov 14th '07

wow! im sorry to hear about the whole cancer deal...what news to get during your pregnancy..i hope everything works out ok and i hope the lil one in there is ok!! =]

gone******* 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Detroit, MI, United States 1514 posts
Nov 14th '07
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accountunavailable British Columbia 10 posts
Nov 15th '07

i amJodi and i am married and we have 2 beautiful daughters 29 months old and 12 months old and we have a son on the way come april and we are very excited and greatful to have such a wonderful family. and also i am new to this site well not new ive used this site for years but first time joining.

X Kristi X 1 child; Summerville, South Carolina 403 posts
Nov 16th '07

Hello. I'm Kristi. 17 with a 9 month old.. ^^

Saraxoxo 35 kids; Melbourne, Australia 911 posts
Nov 16th '07

My names Sara, im 19
my son was born on the 26th of sept 07, his names noah and i love him to bits

lolajessup 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Beaverton, Michigan 44076 posts
Nov 17th '07

hi gals, my name is Laura. i'm kind of border line teen parent. i turned 20 3 days after i had my daughter Lylian. my bf is Sam.

Monica Mercedes Mommy 1 child; Beaverton, Oregon 59 posts
Nov 17th '07


ange_a_mima 1 child; Nevada 69 posts
Nov 24th '07

Im Angilla im 16 ,8 weeks pregnant and due June 30th:D