How many weeks before you can see the baby in a sonogram? Miranda *expecting* Due October 9; Dallas, Texas 57 posts
Mar 4th '10

As i've said before, i'm new to the pregnancy business, and im only about 6 or 7 weeks. So, how many weeks/months are you before you can see the baby on a sonogram?? I have a doctor appt. a week from monday, and i was wondering if i'd be able to see the baby.

C~ K&M's Mommy 18 kids; United Kingdom 6410 posts
Mar 4th '10
Quoting Miranda *expecting*:
Toni[plus4] 4 kids; Fertile, Minnesota 37048 posts
Mar 4th '10

I had this done at 8 weeks even


babybaker 6 kids; Atlanta, GA, United States 21174 posts
Mar 4th '10

I saw my little one this time around when I found I was expecting at almost 9 weeks and could see baby and the heart beating already. With my first two at 5-6 weeks I saw my little beans on the ultrasound.

3 kids; nowhere, ca, United States 46959 posts
Mar 4th '10

as early as 5-6 weeks they can see at least a sac, sometimes a fetal pole and around 6-7 they can see a heartbeat by the time you go in if they do an ultrasound they should be able to see something, if you know for sure your dates are correct.

cali mama of 4 and lovin 20 kids; California 579 posts
Mar 4th '10

you can see the baby clearly at 5-6 weeks. before that, though, you can see the yolk sack. at 7 weeks, you will defintely be able to see the baby. it will look like a peanut :) the head is almost the same size as the body right now. you can go to, click on the pregnancy link, then go to the week-by-week guide to fetal development. it is very accurate and really cool to read about what is happening with your baby each week :) congrats mama!