Bad reaction to the Chicken Pox Vaccine..... :( Whitney 2008 Due July 23; 1 child; Texas 3137 posts
Mar 2nd '10

So over th weekend my 18 month old got REALLY SICK. She got a high fever friday night and broke out in all these Red bump that looked lig big mosquito bites. So Sunday she saw the on call doctor and he said she is having a bad reaction to the chicken pox vaccine she got 2 weeks ago. And the red bumps on her were actual chicken pox sores.

It was aweful, her fever never got under 101 from friday till yesterday. It even got as high as 103.2. I was having alternate tylenol and motrin every 3 hours for 3 days and neither one ever broke her fever. She wouldnt eat anything or get out of bed the whole weekend. I had no idea that they could even have a reaction that bad to the vaccine. Usually my doctor gives me a packet with information for the vaccines that tend to have reactions like this, but this time he didnt give me anything or mention it to me.

Has any of your little ones had a reaction like this to the chicken pox vaccine?

user banned 2 kids; Grand Rapids, Michigan 21095 posts
Mar 2nd '10

My daughter never had a reaction like that but I just wanted to say I hope she feels better soon.

Kyrie ♥'s Monkeys 2 kids; why, az, United States 52117 posts
Mar 2nd '10

Wow that sucks. Poor girl I hope she's feeling better soon and hopefully she gets a natural immunity out of it as a silver lining.

I would fully research all potential reactions they can have to all the common shots so you know what to look out for next time and just in case your doctor doesn't provide the information. My son isn't getting the varicella shot so we haven't had to deal with that type of reaction yet.

Whitney 2008 Due July 23; 1 child; Texas 3137 posts
Mar 2nd '10
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