Getting a good feeling from your belly button or pain? NinjaSAPIOSEXUALShahinda 5 kids; Strongsville, Ohio 34461 posts
Feb 27th '10

Because my stumble button takes me to strange & unusual places :) I came across this page dedicated to belly buttons .

While skimming the page I read this towards the end:
Bellybutton referred pleasure and pain

Leanne rang in to my Science Talkback show. She wanted to know why up until a year earlier, whenever she touched her belly button she had felt a pleasurable sensation in her c******s. Unfortunately, after she had a laparoscopy (which went in via her belly button) she stopped feeling pleasure in her c******s. In fact, she wondered if she would ever get it back again - because it felt pretty dang good.
The email response was huge. Both Katie and Sharon had had experiences similar to Leanne's. Luckily, their laparoscopies left them with some (but reduced) pleasurable sensation. KF said that she also got pleasurable clitoral sensations when she scratched the lower half of her belly button really deeply. However, KS said touching her belly button made her go to the toilet. J said that the sensation was more painful than pleasurable. L said that scratching her belly button gave her a sensation in her right forearm (but only after she had broken her right elbow).
Greg said that touching his belly button made him nauseous - but only after sex. Jason got a sharp pain in the end of his p***s when he scratched his belly button. Rick experienced an unpleasant sensation in his p***s while being tattooed around, and partly inside, his belly button.
In reading all the emails, it seemed that most women enjoyed the belly button stimulation, while most men did not.
This seems to be a case of referred sensation. Imagine that both the navel and the genitals send sensation signals to one certain part of the brain. If you stimulate the navel, that certain part of the brain gets the same sensations as if you had stimulated the genitals. However, I have not yet been able to find any references to the nerves of sensation from the navel and genitals being linked in this way. We can only hope that we will become further enlightened in this area

Soooooooooooooooo my question to all of you is what kind, if any, of sensation do you get from poking around in your belly button?

britan 2 kids; Texas 1761 posts
Feb 27th '10

If i poke my belly button it hurts.

nope<3 TTC since Mar 2012; 2 kids; Ohio 16935 posts
Feb 27th '10


I don't really get anything from my belly button. It just feels like I'm touching my belly button.

Mami of five 117 kids; Corsicana, Texas 937 posts
Feb 27th '10
Quoting Masturkate:
Heather :] 2 kids; California 9598 posts
Feb 27th '10
Quoting Masturkate:
greenmamabecky☮ TTC since Jul 2013; 18 kids; Enfield, Connecticut 20987 posts
Feb 27th '10

well my finger is really cold right now, and i dont really have a belly button left at this point but this is still an interesting topic lol

McLeary 2 kids; New York 22378 posts
Feb 27th '10

It doesnt feel like much, but it makes me kinda sick nails on a chalk board.

Californicationx2 2 kids; Atlanta, Georgia 12920 posts
Feb 27th '10

It hurts me! Give me like a creepy feeling ,lol.