no more morning sickness @ 10 weeks? dianne671 Texas 20 posts
Sep 4th '07
Is it normal for morning sickness to subside @ 10 weeks?
jordansmom2 Due June 20; 1 child; Oregon 5 posts
Nov 25th '08

I am now 10 weeks and my morning (or all day) sickness just up and left. I had it so bad that the doctor put me on an anti-nausea medicine, and now it's just simply gone. All the other symptoms are there, but I'm not nauseaus at all. At first I was worried, but the doctor said it's completely normal. So don't worry! :D

Maui Wahine Hawaii 108 posts
Nov 27th '08

Mine ended at 10 weeks also. I'm now 20 weeks and though I'll very occasionally get sick, I don't feel like crap all day long like before.

Chantal B. 1 child; Quebec 255 posts
Nov 27th '08

I had "all day queaziness" for 2 weeks: week 6 and 7. Everyone is different.

3JEMS Due November 14; 3 kids; Danville, Illinois 569 posts
Nov 27th '08

okay-yall need to stop. im getting mad! LOL. im ten weeks and i STILL have bad morning sickness. i cant wait for it to be oveeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaysabella Due December 21; USA 18 posts
May 28th '11

I am 10 weeks and three days pregnant and my all day nausea started at 6 weeks and is now subsiding. I am not nauseas per say just feel weird. I am burping alot now which sometimes makes it feel like it's sitting in my throat but have only vomitted once(knock on wood). I got nervous too that the nausea stopped but my midwife said usually between 10-12 weeks it's the turning point and most women feel there best in the second trimester. I still am very tired though and on weekends nap in afternoon.

Good luck with you