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Tiffy Spiffy 17 kids; Saint Clair Shores, Michigan 407 posts
Jan 29th '12

I cant wait till im prego again! i want to be a BG model!

Kimsquared2 Due October 14; 5 kids; Michigan 5 posts
Feb 6th '12

This is great. I have never been a mode but active in several forums. I have watched over the years great mods to mods that just loved the power and took the job a little to seriously.

kristina sykes Due October 28; 1 child; Shallotte, North Carolina 7 posts
Mar 28th '12

good idea, i like it

Quentin Kinkade's Mommy Due May 26 (boy); Webster City, Iowa 2 posts
Apr 7th '12

i like this idea:D

Nina Turley Due September 20 (boy); 1 child; Reno, Nevada 136 posts
Apr 16th '12

Its good you have to EARN the right to have certain abilities. I hosted a group not too long ago, and when I would go on vacation an leave the group to be modded by people I trusted, they would ban people. Then they didn't like when I took that privilege away an became just nasty! You should have to earn trusts and responsibilities. but some people think they should be born with it!

lovelydoll_91 Due June 11 (girl); Washington 11 posts
Apr 24th '12

Not sure i fully understand this advancement however i'm not sure i understand how to even go about getting the points for anything. The only two things i was able to do is the surveys and connecting to my fb.

*Athens momma!* Due December 25 (girl); Tunnel Hill, Georgia 4 posts
Sep 23rd '12
Quoting ♥LittleWahine:" lmao."
Bonitaa Miller Due February 23 (girl); Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico 1 posts
Nov 20th '12

click to enter text

ladyboyce Due August 26; 1 child; Fontana, California 4 posts
Jan 7th '13

this is a great idea:D:D:D:D:D