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Does breastfeeding hurt? human making in progress 2 kids; Port Orchard, Washington 7986 posts
Feb 15th '10

I was told by a few friends that breastfeeding hurt them so much that they had to stop. I can understand nipples getting dry and there are baby safe creams for that and stuff, but does the actual breastfeeding hurt? WIC told me it would only hurt if the baby was attatched wrong. I can believe that. I want to BF for a while, but if its true I dont know how long I can go. the pain your nipples go through during pregnancy (like when its cold outside) is sometimes so unbearable for me, if thats what BFing is, then I dont know if I can. :\

IDID-VBAC 12/09 2 kids; Alaska 44107 posts
Feb 15th '10

My nipples hurt and one even bled for the first 4 days. I didnt let myself stop, I kept at it and it doesnt hurt anymore. It is the most rewarding thing to do and I love breastfeeding my baby. She is actually eating right now.

knotty and snotty 1 child; Hooker, Oklahoma 13433 posts
Feb 15th '10

It was sore for me for up to 2 weeks if that.. but ive been breastfeeding for 5 1/2 months exclusively no pain no problems.. I love breastfeeeding... if you can get past the first few weeks of soreness then after that its a breeze

homes cool Due July 25; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Indiana 63165 posts
Feb 15th '10

It can hurt, but it isn't supposed to, or at least not for long.

At first, you'll have to make sure your baby is latched on properly. This can take time, and effort. Don't give up though.

It is possible to have general soreness the first few weeks, this is normal, however shouldn't be painful.

After 6 weeks it'll be easy! Stick with it!

*miss shay* 2 kids; Virginia 18544 posts
Feb 15th '10

it hurts at first because your nipples need to "toughen up" but it doesnt last long :)

after that it doesnt hurt at all!!

Mom to L&L Due March 22; 18 kids; Virginia 6712 posts
Feb 15th '10

for me personally it didn't hurt that bad. And it only hurt for maybe 5 days or something. My son always latches on really good since birth I just wasn't used to my nipples being sucked raw at first. Thats what hurt the most for me. In all honesty it wasnt that bad and You should definitely give it a try its so good for baby.

MarissaPayne 2 kids; British Columbia 9950 posts
Feb 15th '10

It hurts for the first month. You just have to fight though it because it does get better!

The Rachel 36 kids; Tulsa, Oklahoma 43666 posts
Feb 15th '10
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Mama [EBF] 1 child; Virgin Islands 1390 posts
Feb 15th '10

Honestly it did not hurt for me at all. Maybe a little pinch feeling the first 2 days but after that it has been fine. No pain at all. I bought n****e cream and such and have not had to use it.

Kristen515 2 kids; Savannah, Georgia 19594 posts
Feb 15th '10

Breastfeeding didn't just hurt. It felt like my raw nipples were being dragged down an asphault road. And I went to 3 lac consultants. My baby was attached right, but I just have sensitive nipples. WIC wasn't an option for me & I knew that I really wanted to be successful at breastfeeding. So I sucked it up and cried through almost every feeding for over a month. Then it quit hurting once they healed. I kept it up for 6 months. It was soooo worth the pain. It's probably one thing I'm most proud of in my life.

MonkeyMel 1 child; Moore, Oklahoma 26758 posts
status Feb 15th '10

Mine hurt the first couple weeks but we had latch and tongue tie problems. Give yourself at least 6 weeks, its the most rewarding experience i've ever had and i wouldn't trade it for anything!!!! See a lactation consultant while you're in the hospital.

Boogers mommy {{EBFB}} 1 child; Texas 15428 posts
Feb 15th '10

It's painful for most women for the first couple of weeks, until your nipples get used to it. After the initial start you can barely tell they're latched on! The short term pain is worth the AMAZING benefits for you and your baby. You should definitely try it and don't give up!

101 reasons to breastfeed

^^best BF website EVER.

2Princesses 2 kids; Brooklyn, New York 83 posts
Feb 15th '10

agreed with the previous answers. the first 2 weeks were really painful and i had to psych myself up before i fed that it would hurt like hell. but after 2 weeks im fine and i love it. i BFd my first for over a year and would love to go long with this one too. theres nothing like that mommy baby time and!

knotty and snotty 1 child; Hooker, Oklahoma 13433 posts
Feb 15th '10
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BG BREAK 17 kids; Colorado 20504 posts
Feb 15th '10

i would say it felt wasn't painful. im thinking it was the letdown of the felt tingly/itchy...if that makes any sense.