What is the right age for my baby to start using sunscreen?

What is the right age for my baby to start using sunscreen?

Don't take your child directly under the sun; always be careful never let the direct rays of sun fall on your child. Always protect him by using an umbrella or keep your child under a shaded tree, use strollers while going out. Make sure your child wears full-sleeve clothes, putting a hat is also a good option for protecting your child against harmful rays of sun. However using little quantity of sunscreen on hands or on his face is considered fine.

Be very careful while choosing a sunscreen for your baby, as it is needless to mention that their skin is ten times more delicate then ours, so using just any sunscreen for them is not such a good idea, as it may cause infection and allergies to your baby. While choosing a sunscreen for your baby, be very careful it is best to consult a dermatologist, however if you want to do it yourself then always look for a sunscreen containing zinc oxide or a sunscreen with Titanium oxide.

Some other specifications that you should check for are, choose a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15 and also provide protection from harmful UV (ultra-violet) rays of sun. Always choose a sunscreen which is water-resistant, so that it doesn't comes-off while sweating. While choosing sunscreen for your baby makes sure that it is fragrance free and also is unlikely to cause any allergy to your baby. Make sure that the container is handy and easy to use, it may be a gel or a lotion even a spray is easily applied.

Use the necessary amount required, when you have found the right sunscreen for your child don't hesitate to use it on your child. Applying a little sunscreen will not be of any use, use the recommended amount to ensure that your child is completely sun safe. Repeat this after every 30 minutes.


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