Pregnant in a new relationship

Pregnant in a new relationship

If you’re a young new couple, an unexpected pregnancy demands both of you seriously evaluate your relationship and it's endurance potential.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Is this relationship more than a sexual connection?
  • Is this relationship an attempt at avoiding loneliness?
  • Will he be a good father?
  • Do we agree on how we want to raise our child?
  • Do I trust and respect him?
  • Could I be happy spending the rest of my life with him?

Get your relationship sorted out before baby's on the outside in need of a happy balanced mommy. The post-partum phase is a shaky one even for the strongest of women and is best experienced in a peaceful and loving environment.

For some women, it may be better to break the relationship off now rather than deal with the emotional upheaval when you have a needy emotional newborn who won't stop crying or breastfeeding. Be honest with yourself about your relationship and don't be to proud to seek professional help or advice from caring family or friends who know your situation.


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