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There is an amazing amount of information and resources covering virtually every aspect of parenting and pregnancy online-- unfortunately, most of it tends to be under-whelmingly NOT fun and all the people in the photographs look so happy and put together with their children and their pregnant bellies that we're more than a little intimidated. Really, if everyone were so good at parenting than why get online in the first place?

Our core philosophy is derived from the fact that pregnancy and parenting is not some hazy land of sleeping infants and blossoming sunflowers nor is it a clinical diagnosis of problem X to be solved by solution Y with no imagination or emotions.

Actually, as far as we can tell, pregnancy and parenting is some of the hardest work on the planet... the most rewarding hard work yes, but also the most chaotic, frustrating, and sometimes downright crazy work that there is. If we can share that craziness honestly instead of pretending there's always a single answer or that buying product Z will make it magically better, just maybe we'll find better more viable solutions to the challenges we face as parents of the future generation.

At a glance: We continue to evolve our plans of how to best make pregnancy and parenting a bit more fun and managable online. Thus far we've got the following resources for your use and enjoyment:

BG Online Community

BG Online Community

Whether you're 16 and pregnant or 35 and have three kids, these are the people that make BabyGaga what it is. Nothing is too sacred for our groups as long as you discuss it with respect and kindness.

BG Calendars

BG Pregnancy Calendar

40 weeks of pregnancy and first 12 months of parenting calendars sent straight to your email inbox.

BG Tickers

Birthday & Pregnancy Tickers

Graphical event tickers hand drawn by our artist that count down the days to a birthday or due-date. If you're preggers, you can choose between developmental text or our edgy-but-fun sarcastic text.

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